Who cares if everyone is on board if you land at the wrong place? We care.

We help businesses and business people land exactly where they need to.

Allowing people to bring their best selves to work.
The pandemic proved we can change quickly when necessary. Change will continue at an accelerated pace.

How can you create sustainable change when change is constant?

Change • Pivot • Prosper • Repeat
Change requires a quick reaction. We can help you solve X as soon as possible.

Pivot is essential for sustainable change. It is a rational path and logistically possible. We help you improve, grow, and perfect.

Prosper is when you reap the rewards. It is the result of adaptability and alignment; it makes you smile.

Repeat. Yes, you will repeat because almost as soon as you are comfortable with Prosper, there will be cause to Change again. Our holistic approach expertly navigates multiple changes concurrently, mixing business operations and people-centric activity.
Today everyone is a change agent and every company is trying to manage change. We have decades of experience saving time and money by creating sustainable change. What do we mean by sustainable change?

It means on Day One everyone has adapted to the change and is successfully working. It means when we speak to a client years after a project, the successful impact of the sustainable change is still in play. It means that we are pragmatic in our approach and have practical solutions while maintaining business continuity, culture, logistics, and morale.

Want to know where we excel?

Shifting mindsets, incorporating new technologies, ESG, cyber-security and privacy rights, hybrid work, new ways of meeting, inclusion and belonging, workplace choice, five generations at work, and individual wellbeing in the work environment.
Our patented process results in sustained success after change.
"We went through a major transition. Basically, we went from a circle to a square but didn't feel like we were changing shape."
— Partner, Law Firm

"We closed down on Friday and were fully up and running on Monday morning. The best thing: we went on to have our most profitable month the very next month."
— CEO, Software Company

"...seamless in terms of its effect on employees. All was very successful: no downtime and lots of happy campers."
— Assistant to President, International Advertising Firm
For more information reach us at info@changeship.com